It's just grape juice don't take it too seriously.

Our wines are wines you won't find everywhere. We did that on purpose. We sell wine with integrity; Wines with a story. We've pulled bottles that are the best representation of their kind and the region they come from. Come in and try some!



Gualdo del Re 2010 Federico primo, Tuscany

100% Cabernet Sauvignon grown organically in Suvereto a small DOCG 30km south of Bolgheri in Tuscany. At 8 years old this wine is ready to go and drinking beautifully. Deep ruby in color with wonderful dark fruit perfume on the nose. On the palate, the same dark fruits burst up front with the mid-palate full of hard spice – clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. The wine is round with a well-integrated tannin and acid structure. The typical Cabernet grip is there but is cleansed by a nice rush of acid enticing the next sip.  POINTS??? We don't need no stinkin' points. We absolutely love this wine!!


Vina Skaramuca 2016 Plavac Premium, Croatia

Plavac Mali is a native grape to Croatia that is grown almost exclusively in the region of Dalmatia. The name literally means, "little blue" in Croatian, which refers to the small, bluish grapes that the vines produce. The flavors change a great deal depending on which of the main mainland areas or islands that the grapes grow. Overall, it tends to have deep flavors of blackberries, pepper, and other spices. Plavac Premium is an easy-drinking dry red wine with dark ruby red color, flavors of ripe cherries and spice, with smooth and silky tannins. Organically grown with only natural fertilizers and yeasts used.


Minimus 2016 Grenache Soloro Vyd, Applegate Valley, oregon

Chad Stock is a mad man and his wines kick ass. He makes 153 cases of this wine from Soloro Vineyard.

Deceptively pale red in color with characters of strawberry, cherry, and currant accented by orange blossom and licorice with spice notes of black pepper, allspice and cinnamon, carried by dusty tannins and moderate acid.

minimal intervention

Drink this wine often


Cascina Degli Ulivi 2016 Bellotti Bianco

100% Cortese vinified in cement tanks

Wine is, by definition, the transformation of grape juice via fermentation. Any other addition, subtraction and any forcing of the process are devices used to fabricate drinks “based on” fermented grape juice. At Cascina degli Ulivi we have always strived to produce natural wines, with no additives, using only the grapes from our vineyards, farmed with biodynamic methods. The art of winemaking is that of overseeing a natural process in its various stages. For each wine we choose a different vinification method in an effort to “interpret” in the best of ways our grapes. We do not use selected yeasts, nor enzymes, nor any other type of oenological additive.


Gonet Medeville N.V. Premier Cru Brut, Ay, Champagne

The vineyards of Gonet-Medeville are all located in the vicinity of Epernay. They are famous for their exceptionally chalky soil. The vines are remarkably well-kept, harvested at low yields and sustainably-farmed.

They are located on superb Premier Cru slopes in Bisseuil (known for its Pinot Noir) and the two Grands Crus of Ambonnay (great Pinot Noir) and Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger (top-notch Chardonnay).

This lovely Champagne is a blend of 70% Chardonnay, 27% Pinot Noir, 3% Pinot Meunier with minimal dosage. Sexy, taut, and pure – a full-bodied Champagne style – that is an ideal aperitif and one of the best value Champagnes. It gets the palate going!


Kruger Rumpf 2015 Scheurebe Spatlese, nahe, germany

“…there are occasions when something more pagan is called for, and that’s when I summon my guiltiest of wine pleasures: Scheurebe. Scheurebe, often shortened to ‘Scheu’, is Riesling just after is read the Kama Sutra.  Put another way, Scheu is what Riesling would be if Riesling were a transvestite. If Riesling expresses all that is Noble and Good, Scheu offers all that is Dirty and Fun. It is Riesling’s evil, horny twin.” Terry Theise


Sylvain Bock 2016 Neck Rouge

Monsieur Sylvain Bock and his quest to make wine that is a triumphant display of grapes and their surroundings is inspiring. He wasn't born into winemaking, or at least he thought he wasn't, both of his parents were teachers. He later found out that his grandfather was a well-known vigneron from Alsace which sealed his fate. Sylvain worked for other people's wineries for 10 years before establishing his own domaine BOCK in 2010.  Luckily for him, the vines are certified biodyamic since before Sylvain purchased them. The reds (Grenache, Carignan, Merlot and Syrah) are vinified separately and are subject to carbonic macération and then aged in old barrels.

The 2016 Neck is 100% Grenache and 100% genius.  This young, red wine is a blend of two different parcels of Grenache Noir. Both parcels are on a mix of limestone and basalt soils, of vines at least 35 years old. Carbonic maceration produces a fresh, vibrant and exciting wine with ripe red currant, wild strawberry and mint. ORGANIC, NATURAL, and DELICIOUS. 

Gregory White 2015 White is Rouge

For Grégory White the early 2000’s marked the beginning of a new era. He had what some would call a revelation as he was standing among the rows of vines. Back in those days he worked as a journalist in Paris but gradually things were falling into place. At the beginning Gregory White would travel back and forth to various wineries then became a wine retailer in Paris. --- In 2013, after studying viticulture and oenology at the Lycée Viticole in Beaune, Gregory White settled in Aspiran as a winemaker.  Although no synthetic chemicals are used, his bottles don’t carry the organic logo. By the way, he did an internship with Yannick Pelletier, does this ring a bell with you?

The 2015 version of the White White is Rouge is based on Syrah and the oldest Grenache, with a little Carignan and Cinsaut.  Classic vinification with a two-week maceration. Gorgeous color. Quite firm and peppery and structured, with quite a tight youthful palate.  This wine could easily lay down for 3-5 more years but that just begs the question, Why??


Opi d’Aqui 2016 Fatal Rouge

All wines from Opi d’Aqui are made from grapes grown according to the precepts of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Grapes from different plots with clay-limestone soils and various exposures allow the grenache to mature in optimal conditions.  The grapes are manually harvested in the cool, early mornings, carried to the winery, then kept in cold storage for 24 hours to slow start cool fermentation. They ferment naturally, with indigenous yeast and without sulfites–so it’s 100 % grapes.

The Fatal is a gem. A natural and full-bodied, spontaneously fermented red made by talented biodynamic producer, Philippe Formentin.  Here, Phillippe tries to translate his passion and respect for the vineyard and for the surrounding land into the bottle by applying organic and biodynamic farming methods that help showcase the individuality of the terroir of his privileged corner of the Languedoc. With great vines comes great responsibility… and great wine. Extremely well-balanced, this LITER bottle of Grenache (one of 1800 produced) has notes of elderflower, anise, and lavender that show just how perfectly complex wine can be. The creaminess on the palate brings to mind a freshly churned berry sorbet, followed by an unyielding finish of white pepper. Its lively acidity on the finish is sure to keep your mouth watering for more. One to be enjoyed with a rich “cassoulet-ish” dishes.


Opi d’Aqui 2017 L’orangeade

Admittedly, the whole orange wine craze had eluded us.    We get the concept and have tasted our fair share, we just had yet to find one that made us feel as though we’d been touched by the tongues of fire as it had for those seemingly writhing on the ground in spasmodic yearning for more.  Well here lies the breakthrough.  The folks at Opi d’Aqui have skillfully blended 60% Clairette and 40% Picpoul in the ’17 L’orangeade.  After harvest, the Clairette enjoys a three-week maceration process on the skins giving it it’s “orange” weight and complexity, but in a brilliant twist, Phillippe direct presses the Picpoul into stainless steel tanks.  The lift and bright acidity of this blend results in a wine that smacks of fresh peach and apricot and the party has now started.  Almost as if by magic, the really lively, sprightly fruit subsides midway through and transforms to a nutty, robust and tense wine with a dried spice finish. A well-priced, approachable white to introduce newcomers (and us newly converted) to the orange wine style.  Drink it with charcuterie, strong cheese and olives, as well as autumnal foods, like squash, mushrooms and roasted dishes.


Remi Poujol 2016 Le Temps Fait Tout Rouge

Remi is one of the most well-respected natural winemakers in the Languedoc, working tirelessly with two horses on his plots of land near the town of Pezenas Herault. He is commited to producing wine with no inputs and has long been a member of the S.A.I.N.S. association. Since 2002 he has been organic and since 2007 without sulphur. The soils are very complex because the source rocks are either derived from mineral limestones of the earth's crust, marine deposits, or basaltic from nearby volcanoes.

A soft and delicate red wine with beautiful aromas of red fruit with the notes of rose and lavender, and an ever-changing palette of flavors. Unique and elegant, this a rather very easy drinking red that has much more elegance than power. 


Barriot Le Clot de L’Origine Blanc 2017

Vigneron Marc Barriot has been producing wines in Roussillon since 2004. He sought out ancient vines and uses traditional practices to deliver some truly distinctive wines. Marc uses biodynamic methods, even plowing by horse, and uses minimal sulfur in his winemaking.  The small estate is located in the Fenouilledes hills at an altitude between 393 ft and 1148 ft. The cellar is in Maury. Old vines of catalan grape varieties and young syrah, are cultivated using biodynamic preparations. Very low quantities of sulphur are used, no fining, no filtration and bottled by hand. 

The "l'Original" is fascinating 50/50 blend of Macabeu and Syrah from 70+ year old vines.  That’s right, Syrah.  Syrah that’s been direct pressed into concrete tanks with no skin contact.  Both Syrah and Macabeu are vinified separately and then blended with no filtering or fining. The result being a white wine with great stuffing and texture that’s perfect with brick chicken, mashies, and sautéed greens. A miniscule 5500 bottles produced make this a rare treat.